Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Visiting Eastman Nature Center, So Much to See!

Visiting Eastman Nature Center, So Much to See!

Easter at Eastman Nature Center in MinnesotaI recently took my mom and nana back to Eastman Nature Center. We have been there before, of course. I went there at Easter one time, and it was an eggstravaganza day. Remember? I was just a little kid then. 

This time we visited in the summer. We started with a walk. I had a planter dish to collect things for a class I was taking. We were collecting things that were no longer living and that were OK to pick. They have rules about that kind of thing at the Three River Park District parks, you know. I didn't pick a leaf or a flower. I watched, and mom and nana didn't either. You never know what grownups might do! I kept my eye on them.

Did you know they have bug hotels at Eastman? The bugs just move in for free and live there. We saw this just before the walking path that went through the woods and over to where the Trumpeter Swans and their babies were swimming. Not bad for a bug hotel. It was buzzing with excitement.

bug hotel at Eastman Nature Center

Another interesting thing there was the bee hive. I could find the queen bee when I used a magnifying lens. There she was surrounded by other bees. This was inside the nature center building and the bees were not flying around loose. They could fly outside through a pipe and return to make pollen. We did notice frogs hanging on things like garbage cans outside, and they were able move around after they rested in the sun. 
photo of bee hive inside Eastman Nature Center
Inside there are blocks, puzzles, and nature items to touch and see. 

Visiting Eastman Nature Center,
The reptiles were still there! I check for them during each visit. There are things to see and do inside and outside. The classes and events are so fun.
turtle area

The swans and their babies were the best part of the day!
Trumpeter swans

After class I played at nana's while mom and nana rested. After all, I have to give them some quiet time.
playing at Nana's and resting up
I hope you get to visit the Three Rivers Parks or other nature areas where you live!

Little Owl

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