Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Painting Flowers Art Project Idea

Painting Flowers Art Project Idea

I recently taught my Mommy and Nana how to make paper flowers for the dinner table. I thought of this all by myself! First I gathered up the silicone flower coasters on the table. I said I wanted to make them. I said I wanted to paint. 
silicone flower coasters
Then I asked for paper and a pencil to trace around the flowers. Of course, the paper had to be real watercolor paper so it would be stiff when we cut it out. And, I paint with lots of water so we didn't want the paint to rub through the paper.
tracing around the flower coaster
Of course the next step was painting! I love mixing colors and making pretty pictures. So I painted in the shapes I drew. All by myself, can you tell?
painting in the shapes
Then the next step was to let the flowers dry. Then we cut the flowers out. 
after drying, cut out the flower shapes
Next I found some pretty buttons and pipe cleaners. Purple is my favorite color like I have mentioned before, so I picked purple buttons. Then I twisted the pipe cleaners together for strong stems. You have to cut a little slit in the paper to allow the pipe cleaners through. The button holds them in place. 
add pipe cleaner and buttons for stems
Then I could do the flower arranging for dinner! Aren't they pretty? 
put in the flower vase and admire
I can't believe my Mommy and Nana didn't know how to make flowers. But now they do! And, did you know, you can just laminate the painted flowers and make your own coasters? 
laminate painted flowers to make DIY coasters

And then you might get to have a real tea party! Like me!
tea party using DIY coasters

I hope you get to paint flowers, too. They have so many uses!
paint flowers to use in flower arranging and in DIY coasters for toddlers

Wasn't that fun?
painted flowers art project idea
Thank you for reading, me at age 3!

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