Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter at Eastman Nature Center in Minnesota

Easter at Eastman Nature Center in Minnesota

I have been so busy playing that I think I forgot to tell you about Easter at Eastman Nature Center in Minnesota! It was the best. We hunted for eggs in the woods, dyed Easter eggs with natural dyes, visited with the Easter bunny, and more. What a nice time we had. It is an EGGstravaganza with fun for all ages!

This is me standing in front of the green screen for my official picture by Three Rivers Park District. In the next picture you can see the background and title they added. It was fun to dress up in their bunny ears and hold the sign. Actually, I was a little nervous as it was my first green screen. Anyway, how did they know I love bunnies? 
in front of the green screen at Eastman Nature Center for the EGGstravaganza Photo by 3 Rivers Park District

It made more sense when they sent me my finished photo. They are so smart at that nature center. When I grow up, I am going to learn to do that, too!
finished photo by 3 Rivers Park District at the EGGstravaganza Day
There were games! I like games. I had to stand on the purple line. Purple is my favorite color!
playing bunny games at the nature center
We gathered eggs in the woods. Since it was still muddy from snow melting, 
I got to wear my rain boots! I went on the trail for 3 year olds. There were different trails for different ages. Look, I found a green egg!
gathering eggs on the trail at the nature center

Of course, I wanted to pet a bunny! Yes, of course!
petting a bunny

There was face painting. I sat very still for the nice volunteer who painted my face to look like a bunny. 
sitting still for the volunteer to paint my face

And a sandbox. I could have stayed a lot longer. My Nana will let me stay longer next time. The sand ran through holes in the eggs! What a great invention!
indoor sandbox at the nature center

So, like I mentioned, we dyed eggs with natural colors. First, we brought our own hard-boiled eggs in to a room full of tables, dyes, and bowls to leave the eggs for awhile. At the end we went back and collected our eggs. How did we know which eggs were ours? Those smart nature people gave us white crayons to write our names on the eggs. 
dying eggs at Eastman Nature Center's EGGstravaganza Day

Oh, I took my Easter Basket to carry my pretty eggs home. Yes, that is still me, my face was painted by a nice lady when I was there, remember? I was a little sad when it was time to leave. 
my Easter basket full of my eggs

Oh, I almost forgot! The Easter Bunny was there and wanted to see me. Your parents take the photos themselves. 
Easter Bunny at Eastman nature center

Consider this an early notification to remember to sign up next spring and have some fun like we did. 

We took a selfie to show you my mommy! Isn't she nice?

Happy spring!
3 Rivers Park District Easter Event
Bye until next time! 

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